About Us


Little Feet Taekwondo is a family-oriented martial arts school, dedicated to the mental and physical well-being of our students. Students gain self esteem, self control and self discipline while learning Traditional Taekwondo.

Master Gary Peace

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For over 14 years Master Peace has dedicated his life to instructing youth and adults in the discipline of Taekwondo. Furthering his training, Master Peace is working towards earning his 7th degree Black Belt.

“I enjoy working with all size feet, and take great pride in my students accomplishments.” Master Peace

We are here to answer any questions you may have about our programs or to help you determine if Little Feet Taekwondo is right for your family.


At Little Feet Taekwondo, our instructors take the time to know your child’s strengths and challenges. Each class has a dedicated time of one-on-one instruction focused on helping students gain confidence.

Our Instructors are extensively trained while also pursuing their own personal growth in Taekwondo.

Master Gary Peace

7th Degree Black Belt Chief Instructor

Miss Alison Block

3rd Degree Black Belt Trainee Instructor

Master Dawn Palmer
4th Degree Black Belt Head Instructor
Miss Camille Block

2nd Degree Black Belt Trainee Instructor

Master Kristen Parker
4th Degree Black Belt Lead Instructor
Mr. Tanner  Badigian

2nd Degree Black Belt Trainee Instructor

 Mr. Benjaman Smoldon
2nd Degree Black Belt Trainee Instructor
Miss Danyal Smoldon

2nd Degree Black Belt  Jr. Instructor