Can Taekwondo Stop Bullying

The obvious answer most people think of is that a martial art gives kids a way of fighting back, and though that is true it is only a small part of the picture.

Good Taekwondo training goes much deeper.

First, there is the increase in self-confidence that comes with Taekwondo training.

Bullies tend to pick on the quiet, the weak or the scared. Or alternatively bullies choose kids that are arrogant and cocky.

Kids that practice Taekwondo quietly become confident young people. They feel self assured inside. And they don’t need to shout about it.

And this affects the way they hold themselves. The way they walk. And the way they talk.

And bullies tend to stay away from kids like this.

Kids in Taekwondo also learn specific ways to avoid confrontation.

They learn about courtesy and respect for others.

And they learn to think about whether or not a particular game or situation is a safe one.

And should they find themselves being bullied Taekwondo kids are taught good ways to deal with conflict.

Taekwondo kids learn how to stay calm and think under pressure. They learn to keep eye contact. And they explore ways to diffuse the situation without losing face and appearing weak – they learn how to stop bullying for themselves.

It’s much the same with a physical attack.

Part of Taekwondo training is full contact sparring. This is an attack, but it is under safe, controlled conditions.

Through Taekwondo sparring kids learn how not to freeze. They learn how to cope with physical attack. And how to think under pressure.

This means they can fight back in a controlled way if they ever need to.

And they learn about respect. And how to do the minimum possible to get out of an unsafe situation.

So we think that training in Taekwondo is a great way to help stop bullying for your child. It gives them the tools they need to start to take responsibility for themselves.


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