Successful Board Breaks

August 2015 Breaking BoardsSuccessful board breaks! Posted by Little Feet Taekwondo on Saturday, September 5, 2015 … [Read more...]

This Week At LFT Grappling & Pre-test

Jrs & Adults Grappling is a great way to see how your stand up skills work just as well on the ground, it also shows great for self defense moves on removing an attacker from that has taken you to the ground. Little Eagles will be working on self control and discipline this week, as we work with water balloons in the heat as we focus on targeting them with punches and kicks   Tip of the week, always trust your training     … [Read more...]

This Week At LFT/Speed work

Speed drills help you to stay relaxed as you do your moves to maximize speed and power. The hardest thing about the speed break is staying relaxed and not powering threw it as most of us do. … [Read more...]