This week at LFT/Targeting

Targeting will also help with focus and balance, as you will stand on one foot as you kick a number of targets . Little Eagles will be testing this week. Tip of the Week from master Peace Try to attend a self defense class at least once or twice a year it helps you to stay alert when you settle into our day to day life's. … [Read more...]

This Week At lft [ Sparring/LE Make Up Stripes

This is when you get to take all the practice you do with forms and one steps and put in practical use. When your free style sparring that's when it gets real, now you get to use knees, elbows, throws & sweeps like in your self defense part of training! Little Eagles will be making up stripes this week. Tip of the week from Master Peace No rules in a street fight, you do what ever you have to for survival   … [Read more...]

This Week at LFT | Balance and Blocks

Little Eagles this Week This week our Little Eagles are learning the importance of balance. Through a series of games and fun activities our Little Eagles are challenged and improve, not only their balance, but their coordination and stamina too. What exactly is Balance? Balance is a reflex action to prevent falling and injury. It involves more parts of the body than any other reflex. It uses 3 of the 5 senses, the majority of the muscles from the head to the toe, many of your nerves and … [Read more...]