Dedicated to the mental and physical well-being of our students.

Gaining self esteem, self control, and self discipline while learning traditional Taekwondo. 


Little Eagles (3-6 years)

Our Little Eagles learn Taekwondo through interactive games focusing on discipline and control. This age group focuses on positive encouragement which helps foster self-esteem and confidence not only in Taekwondo but throughout life. Little Eagles practice eight different disciplines over the course of twelve weeks. At then end of twelves weeks, a special ceremony for testing is performed to obtain the next belt level. Each new level brings new challenges for the student to conquer.


Juniors (7-9 years)

In this age group, juniors learn the adult forms for one belt level and the adult one steps for the next. By separating the two we hope to avoid overwhelming the students. Traditional Taekwondo is a discipline that builds self-control and confidence. Instructors teach more advanced  games that are challenging and competitive yet fun. Sparring combinations are introduced at the Junior level as well as board breaking for focus. Sparring gear is required for light contact sparring. Light contact sparring starts at belt level Gold/Black.

Family (10+ years)

With students ranging from ages ten to sixty, we offer a complete Martial Arts curriculum which includes self defense, forms, sparring combinations, light contact sparring, board breaking and weapons. At the same time students will be gaining, increased flexibility, strength and muscle tone. Sparring gear is required for light contact sparring. Light contact sparring starts at belt level Low Green.

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Monthly Classes: Choose to attend once or twice a week

Testing (every 8 to 12 weeks)
Covers the cost of belts, boards, certificates, etc.

Sparring Gear (After completing the third test)

  • Head gear
  • Gloves
  • Feet protection
  • Mouthpiece