Forms & One Steps

Why must students learn forms? Many martial art styles have discontinued the use of the poom-sae or use them only for the purpose of testing or tournaments. This means they have taken the “do” (as in TaekwonDO), which means “the way”, out of their style. They have in essence taken the “art” out of “martial art.”

Taekwondo Forms

The Korean word “poom-sae” means a “form” or “pattern of movements.” It is actually a planned series of movements that combines the physical skills (such as blocks, strikes, kicks, stances and more) with the mental skills (such as balance, coordination, discipline, strategy, focus and more). The target of these movements is an imaginary opponent of the practitioner’s own size.

The copyrighted forms have been arranged as a system to gradually increase the student’s skill, develop technical balance equally on the left and right side of the body, train muscles, and to develop students from the beginner level through the rank of Grand Master. This is why each form does not repeat most techniques more than twice and also why every technique which is done with a right arm/leg is also repeated with the left arm/leg.

These forms, designed by Eternal Grand Master H.U. Lee, were the first that truly emphasized the tradition of the art of Taekwondo, unlike older forms (hyung) which were based on Japanese and Okinawan Karate forms. Not only do the forms train you in each rank, but they are also excellent for using as a warm-up prior to a work out.

The “system” that encompasses the forms is based on traditional philosophy, as well as being designed for for easy memorization.

Forms Philosophy

All goals require a poom-sae or pattern. Even in life we have structured patterns. When you’re born, you learn communication and basic skills in the home. A few years later, you are enrolled into kindergarten or elementary school. Following this comes high school. During high school, we begin to decide the direction we will take in life. We choose a college and/or a career goal. This is the pattern of the first part of our life. If you choose a good pattern, you can be a success. If your pattern is poor, you may not be as successful in your life endeavors.

Similarly, your chances of success in Taekwondo are much greater by following the solid series of patterns (forms) we have developed for our students.

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Taekwondo Forms  Chon Ji
Taekwondo Forms  Dan Gun
Taekwondo Forms  Do San
Taekwondo Forms  Won Hyo
Taekwondo Forms  Yul Gok
Taekwondo Forms  Joong Gun
Taekwondo Forms  Toi Gye
Taekwondo Forms  Hwa Rang
Taekwondo Forms  Choong Moo
Taekwondo Forms  Ge Baek
Taekwondo Forms  Kwang Gae / Fu Pei
Taekwondo Forms  Papa Son / Ko Dang
Taekwondo Forms  Eui Am / Yoo Sin


One-steps are designed by the student 3rd degree student and higher.