Frequently Asked Questions


Q-Do I have to sign a contract?

A-No contracts. We feel that if we do a good job then you will want to stay, not because of a contract


Q-How much are initiation fees?

A-No initiation fees, we just ask that you pay for the uniform


Q-How young do you start students?

A-Most 3 year olds can keep up


Q-Do you teach adults?

A-Yes, we teach all size feet


Q-How many times a week do students attend class?

A-We recommend at least 2 times a week


Q-Can you do 1 time a week?

A-Yes, but you need to be disciplined to practice on your own


Q-What is the cost?

A-$79.00 per month for Little Eagles (3 to 6 Years old) & $89.00 per month for Jrs. and Adults


Q-When do you start to spar?

A-Little Eagles do not spar at all. Every one else starts at Low Green Belt (about 9 months) – you must learn control first


Q-How often do you test for a new belt?

A-Every one goes at there own pace but most are ready every 2 – 3 months


Q-How large are the classes?

A-They vary, but we try very hard to keep the ratio 5 students to 1 instructor


Q-What is your schools focus?

A-The most important thing we work on here is self esteem, confidence and self control, but not to down play the importance of the self defense part of Taekwondo


Q-How long have I (Master Peace) been doing Taekwondo?

A-I started in 1998 as a white belt and started helping teach in late 1999 and was registered as a certified instructor through HTF in 2002 by Master Jack Pierce