“Master Peace is truly an amazing instructor. His patience and dedication to his students is unmistakable. To see his 3 and 4 year old students understand and demonstrate respect, perseverance and self control is incredible. These kids are learning life skills that will last them a lifetime, and they are having a great time doing it. I would totally recommend Little Feet Taekwondo.” – Sean

“Thank you Master Peace for being such an amazing instructor. I am very impressed with your commitment and ability to teach children. Teaching 4 years old’s self control amongst other things is not easy and you do it very well. I am very careful what outside influences play a role in shaping my boys lives and am thrilled to have found you and your classes. The lessons go far beyond marital arts and I believe they are growing and maturing through your instruction. Thank you.” – John

“Master Peace really takes a beating in that red man suit! It was a life changing experience to get to feel what it would be life to be attacked and get to really give all you’ve got to defend yourself. I would recommend this self defense class to anyone that doesn’t feel fully prepared to fight off an attacker. I don’t think this is going to happen to me, but if it ever does I feel I am more prepared. Thank you, Master Peace!” – Kelly